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Samar Ebrahim


I am Samar Ebrahim, and from a young age I have dreamt of a profession in which I could make a positive impact on the lives of others. Early on, I knew it had to be something in healthcare. During high school, midwifery came my way, and then I immediately knew: that's where my heart lies!

Every time, I am grateful that my knowledge allows me to accompany parents before and after the birth. The first time parents hear the heart beat during the consultation hour, guiding the birth and finally offering physical and emotional support during the postpartum week are also important and precious moments for me as a midwife. It is important to me that everything goes well medically, but also that the pregnant woman and her partner look back on the pregnancy, delivery and postpartum period with love and warmth.

I am always there for my clients and look forward to guiding you and getting to know you better. My multicultural background enables me to offer this guidance in Arabic as well.

BIG registration number: 59928389803

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