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Non-medical ultrasound in Almere

It's good to see what's happening in your tummy. In addition to the dating scan and the 20-week scan that are covered by your health insurance, you can contact us for a private scan. This ultrasound is your own choice and is intended as an extra. All ultrasounds are done by an experienced ultrasound technician. She is also a midwife, so she will be happy to tell you more about what you are seeing during the scan.

What is a non-medical ultrasound?

A non-medical ultrasound is not a medical scan, but a scan that you decide to have for assurance or fun. You may want to see more of your unborn baby than just the two ultrasounds that are covered by your health insurance. Our ultrasound technicians will take their time to show you (and your partner) your baby. You will be able to see the images on a beautiful big screen. We offer various types of non-medical scans such as: an early scan, gender scan, 2D scan and even a 3D-4D scan. With a 3D ultrasound, the images are still. The 4D ultrasounds shows your baby's moving image.

We offer different types of non-medical scans:

Early ultrasound

From seven to ten weeks of pregnancy

Duration 15 minutes
Price € 45,00

Gender ultrasound

From 15 weeks.

Duration 15 minutes
Price € 50,00

2D ultrasound

During your entire pregnancy with the exception of between 12-15 weeks and between 18-21 weeks. If possible, we will also take a look in 3D.

Duration 15 minutes
Price € 65,00

3D-4D ultrasound

Look at your baby in your tummy in 3D and 4D (4D scan consists of moving images and a 3D scan consists of still images). From 24-27 weeks of pregnancy.

Duration 30 minutes
Price € 90,00

If it is not possible to watch the 3D-4D images during this scan, you can come back to try again one more time (15 minutes).

De Eerste Stap 'Fun Package' #1

  • Early ultrasound
  • Gender ultrasound
  • 3D-4D ultrasound

€ 175,00


De Eerste Stap ‘Fun Package’ #2

  • Early ultrasound
  • Normal 2D ultrasound
  • 3D-4D ultrasound

€ 190,00

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