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Angela Maarsseveen-Klaassen

Midwife, Ultrasound Technician

My name is Angela Maarsseveen-Klaassen (1982), and even as a little girl I was always in awe of babies. When I was twelve years old and went to secondary school, I was sure: I wanted to become a midwife! During my time at secondary school I got to know Dagmar and we had a shared dream together; to study as midwives and start a practice together! So Dagmar and I have been friends for a long time.

After my GCSEs, I immediately enrolled in the midwife training programme, but unfortunately – due to a lottery system – it took another two years before I could start the training. In the meantime, I studied towards a nursing degree for two years. This has provided me with many interesting learning moments, but my desire to become a midwife continued to grow. In 2001, I embarked on the great adventure. After studying hard, amazing births and personal development, I took the medical oath in 2005. I could finally say: I AM A MIDWIFE!

Immediately after completing my training, I started working as a midwife in: Lelystad, Nijkerk, Utrecht and Amersfoort, among others. But the dream Dagmar and I shared to start our own midwifery practice remained. In February 2006 our dream came true and Midwifery Practice ‘De Eerste Stap’ was born. My motto is: Together is better than alone!

Rest, trust, individuality and openness are things I believe to be very important, particularly during pregnancy. These are at the heart of our practice and I treat everyone in the same way as I would like to be supported if I were pregnant. As a midwife, I am mainly there to monitor the process (pregnancy, labour and postnatal care) and to act adequately in situations where this is necessary. Our approach is entirely determined by the pregnant woman and her partner.

Our practice has grown enormously in recent years. We offer consultations at three locations: Almere Haven, Almere Muziekwijk (indoors at Medimere Bartokkliniek) and Almere Poort (Homeruskwartier). In 2016, I obtained my ultrasound diploma and I think it is a great addition to be an ultrasound technician in our practice in addition to being a midwife.

In 2013 and 2016 I became a mother when my daughters Jessie and Danni were born. And I experienced first hand how important it is for the midwife to support you in the way you would like. Now I really know … together is better than alone!

I hope that we can help you have an unforgettable experience!

BIG registration number: 79063999803
Angela Klaassen

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