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Marieke Maartense-Molendijk

'High five' 

Today I am on duty, together with our 2nd year student. She is doing a 10-week internship in our practice. Her family roots are in Iran and there she has

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Ukraine in miniature

It is Thursday when I am on duty and drive past all the maternity wives to see how they are doing. On my third visit, I get a call from a nurse

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Missed miscarriage?

A woman coming in weakly presses a clammy hand to me. "I'm nervous," she says. She is alone and sits down on the chair. "What's the matter?"

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Location facilities 'ON'

Ten weeks after giving birth, a woman steps into my consulting room. 'Once a Kyleena IUD,' she says, laughing. She is an acquaintance to me and gave birth to her first son.

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No 'strings' attached

It is 4.30am when my phone rings. Surprised, I look at my phone for a few seconds. When my consciousness returns I realise I am on duty and quickly take

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This was not in the leaflet!

After a long day of consultation, I pick up my children from after-school care. When we get home, coats and bags are thrown into the corner. 'Euhh...should we take those

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Windy spring jitters

'Mummy! There are purple flowers in the garden,' says my youngest son one Sunday morning. I walk with him and see a few stray violets in the garden. 'Have

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Plan A?

'See you later mum!" says my eldest son as he presses a quick kiss on my cheek. I look after him as he walks into the schoolyard and chat a little more

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A healthy fish

As I drive to work, I see a number of signs passing by along the road. They contain advertisements for gyms nearby. These signs strike me more as

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Water ballet

It is around 3am when I receive a wake-up call. In the screen of my phone, I see the name of my fellow practice in town.

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When I am on duty on a sunny Thursday morning, my phone rings around 10.00am. 'It's started I think,' says a familiar female voice. 'The contractions started 05.00 am

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