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Quirijne Iking-Grootveld

Practice assistant

I am Quirijne Iking-Grootveld (1984), married to Frank and together we have two children, Rosalie (2012) and Oscar (2016).

Since 1 May 2017, I have been the practice assistant for ‘De Eerste Stap’ and I speak to (prospective) parents during our telephone consultations.

During my first pregnancy, I became extremely interested in pregnancy and obstetrics. I think it's so incredibly special: bringing a new person into the world. But I also know that it is not always easy and self-evident. The midwives – I call them ‘the girls’ – at ‘De Eerste Stap’ have given us great support. Thanks to this experience, we really gelled and I enjoyed working at this midwifery practice.

I will do my utmost to answer your questions effectively, as I myself experienced it at the time.

Quirijne Iking

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