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Practice assistant

My name is Halima, proud mum of two children.

I come from the world of finance and enjoyed working in it for many years. Until I was expecting our first child. With my own expectation, the fascination with pregnancy began. What a magical period. I wanted to know everything about it. Eventually I went for a career switch, I had myself retrained.

Goodbye financial world, hello babies! But before there are babies, there is still a nine-month period to go through. And those nine months can be very beautiful, but also quite exciting. To guide parents through this, I work as a teacher of 'Pregnancy Yoga & Birth Preparation' at BevalBewust.

During my own pregnancy, I noticed how good preparation helps to enjoy pregnancy and how special childbirth can be. What I like best is that (expectant) parents often go into labour full of self-confidence after the course.

With the combination of my experience and as a trainee midwife, I am happy to help you on the phone consultation. I am extremely happy to be part of De Eerste Stap team, and can't wait to answer your questions!


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