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Mama Coaching and EMDR Therapy

Do you recognise that... you are pregnant or have already given birth by now and yet you are not as happy as you expected?

Pregnancy and becoming a mother is one of the biggest events in your life. In practice, we frequently see that pregnant women and mothers are not happy. This can be due to a difficult pregnancy, childbirth or because motherhood is more difficult than expected. Physical and hormonal changes can also play a role in this.

In addition to her work as a midwife, Manon has specialised in Mama Coaching and EMDR Therapy. The examples that Manon encounters in her work as a Mama Coach are very diverse. Many mothers are trying to find out who they are besides being a mother, they have difficulty keeping the plates spinning in terms of motherhood, relationship, friendships, work and so on. Or the birth continues to be on their minds, preventing them from enjoying motherhood in the way they would have liked.

Manon also supports many pregnant women. For example, because the pregnancy is different than previously thought or because of fear of childbirth. But also for a personal antenatal course.

Coaching or EMDR Therapy can help!

In short, are you not feeling so great for whatever reason? And would you like to experience more peace, relaxation and happiness during your pregnancy or as a mother? Or are you looking for a tailored antenatal course? Perhaps Mama Coaching or EMDR Therapy can help you.

Thanks to years of experience as a midwife, Manon knows what she's talking about and can help you think about your birth story. With a background in NLP and EMDR, effective techniques allow her to remove the sharp edges and emotions of your (negative) experience in a short space of time. You will also be given concrete tools to experience more happiness in your life.
You will notice that coaching also has a positive effect in other contexts, for example in your relationship or at work.

Would you like to know more about it? Feel free to contact Manon or her colleagues.

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